Greg Lindberg’s Five Tell-Tale Signs When It’s Time to Go into Business for Yourself


Wondering whether it is time to start your own business?

If so, it’s a sign that it may be the time to pursue that dream, says Greg Lindberg, successful businessman and CEO.

Life is short. If you have an idea or a desire to be your own boss, Greg Lindberg provides five signs that shouldn’t be ignored:

You’re Passionate: Have an idea that you can’t stop thinking about? Don’t ignore it, says Lindberg. Every entrepreneur or successful businessman is passionate about what they do.  Being enthusiastic over an idea or a specific field could be the start of a successful entrepreneurial venture.

You Have an Independent Streak: Owning a business means the buck stops with you.  Decision-making and problem solving will come with being the boss. If you’re comfortable with the responsibility, becoming a business owner might be for you.

You Feel like You Can Do a Better Job: To be an entrepreneur, you need confidence in yourself. When you see an opening, pursue it.

You Feel Completely Stuck: Work should be worthwhile, since the average worker spends more time at work than at home. Feeling stuck? Probably, a change is in order.

You Can Take the Risk:  Time is of the essence, and there’s no better time than the present, to take a chance on your vision, especially for young workers, who are most likely to have little responsibility or debt. Making a big change gets tougher as we grow older and set in our ways, so do it now!


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